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Snow chain: YES or NO?

We are repeatedly asked this question:

Do we have to bring snow chains? Are we going to use chains a lot?

And the answer is YES and NO!

*YES:* when the road is icy it is convenient to put on the chains and many times the Gendarmerie asks you to show them that you are wearing them or they ask you to put them on so they can continue driving.

*NO:* On the paths that we are going to travel in the 4x4 journey, in most cases we will be above 1 meter of snow and in this case another technique is used: tire deflation and advance with minimum torque , using string in this case would only get us stuck.


The effect of using the chains is to break the layer of snow or ice and "make a floor" and with the grip of the chains to pull.

On surfaces with no more than 25 cm of snow it works, but if we are going to drive on paths with more than 1 meter of snow, the only thing we can do is sink and get completely stuck hanging from the "belly" of the vehicle!

We hope you find this *4x4 TIP useful.*

Good roads Overlanders!

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